Nearly everything is possible

  • The guest and the sauna master wellbeing has priority.
  • Any risk to the guest or the sauna master will result in immediate disqualification. 
  • Quality: The sauna chamber must be properly handed over to the next sauna master.
  • For any delay points are deducted.
  • Damage to infrastructure lead to immediate disqualification.
  • No fire (candles or smoke) because of fire risk
  • No power plug in the furnace area (short circuit)
  • For creams / lotions in the sauna towels must be used or the guests have to leave the lotion the sauna chamber.
  • The duration of the shows / aufguss / infusions  is a maximum of 10 minutes! (= closed cabin doors). For the preparation and presentation are another 10 minutes available. For setting up the team of Sauna World Cup will support all participants. Overall, the time window is 20 minutes.
  • The maximum amount of water / ice per infusion is 3 bucket (4L)


Guest – jury:

Guests vote with the common water rating mug with 200ml. (max capacity 220ml). It is considered the average charge.

Expert – jury:

An international expert jury will attend Sauna World Cup. 2-4 experts will participate in every aufguss ceremony and will judge with 0(Flop)-10 (Top) points in 8 categories.

  1. Professionalism (presentation, management, Hygiene)
  2. Concept (Innovation)
  3. Realisation Concept
  4. Techniques
  5. Heat allocation
  6. Increasing heat
  7. Fragrance (not taste, but handling)
  8. Organisation, preparation and finishing (ready for next aufguss).

The points are added. Maximum 220 + 8x10 = 300 points are reached.


Eligible to join the contest are men and women at the age of 18, if they have registered at the event itself and have paid the entry fee to the Spa. Furthermore we need a signed form proving sufficient health, confirmation of participation and relinquishment of rights. With this signature the participants accepts the rules of this event. There is a limited number of participants, chosen by Sauna World Cup principles and the board. Depending on the number of participants, there are two or three rounds. The participant accepts, that the organization of the Sauna World Cup may exclude anyone, and when there is imminent danger of health. Photos and videos may only be taken by the organization and their partners. All participants are required to follow the hygienic rules, use towels in the sauna to sit on, and only use clean towels.


There are 15 qualification tournaments and an international scouting process during the year. In addition, individual participants may be nominated directly by Sauna World Cup. If you are interested in participating as a sauna champion, then write us a mail to


Up to 35 participants will take part in the semi-final event. Every participant has a time slot of 20 min. This 20min. must contain max 10 minutes for an  aufguss/infusion. Each participant can be divided freely, and make the infusion individually. The only limit is the time limit. After 10 min cabin doors will be opened. This infusion also Saunaaufguss additives, such as oils, fragrances, music and lights etc. may be used.


Top 15 from the individual´s semi-final will be in the final the day after. There are the same regulations concering time, preparation and support. 20 min time slot including 10 min ceremony.