Sauna World Cup Competitions

The show aufguss - individual / single

The "erlebte Aufguss" (Show aufguss) is the supreme discipline of the Sauna World Cup. The goal of this competition is to make a aufguss that provides the audience in the sauna with the maximum amount of pleasure. As the voting will be performed subjectively by the members of the audience in the sauna right after the Aufguss, the competitors will also have to adapt their Aufguss to the audience. So that the Aufguss might be intense or less intense, in silence or entertaining, depending on how the competitor thinks, he/she can convince the audience best.

Beside the individual competition there is a team competition too. Up to 4 sauna masters participate as team.

the power waving

The "Powerwacheln" is the fun competition of the Sauna World Cup. The competition is held in the area accessible for all guests of the spa. Everyone can participate in this competition. The goal is to generate the highest wind speed with a conventional towel. The generated wind speed is measured by a anemometer.