World´s best saunamasters, world´s best saunashows

We are searching for the best saunamasters, the best sauna-Shows and the best Wellness experience. Professionals from 25 countries around the world participate and present their skills within their sauna-Shows.

And you as participating sauna guest decide who will be the next Sauna world Champion.

  • Who has the best towel waving technic?
  • Who presents the best show?
  • Who is aible to relax or entertain you?

We focus on well-being, relaxation and entertainment. We are not looking for Long duration or heat records in the sauna.
We celebrate a wellness party of diversity. We provide the biggest wellness event of the year.

Sauna World Champion 2013 + 2014

Sauna World Cup 2013 and 2014 took place in Salzburg, Spa "Alpentherme Gastein".

more than 50 participants from 25 countries celebrated wellness with 2.900 sauna guests.

World Champion 2014 is once again Dirk van Offel from Belgium. Vice world champion is Visar Bytgyi from Kosovo followed by Helli Haller, Italy.

Visar Bytyqi, Fachangestellter der Eifel-Therme Zikkurat, ist frischgebackener Weltmeister im „erlebten Sauna-Aufguss“.
Fotos: Joel Kernasenko

World Champion 2013: Dirk van Offel (B)


25 nations, world´s best saunashows and you decide!


15 teams, 35 single competition participants from 25 countries all over the world. 3 day, 70 "aufguss" shows and a lot of side Events like original russian banja, "Powerwaving", aufguss lectures ...


For us the opinion of our guests is very important. Therefore judgement shall be composed of 70% public vote and 30% expert jury vote. Togehter they decide who deserves the title of Sauna World Champion.

Hall of Fame

Sauna World Cup 2015:
Visar Bytyqi (D)
Sauna World Cup 2014:
Dirk van Offel (B)
Sauna World Cup 2013:
Dirk van Offel (B)
Sauna World Cup 2012:
Dirk van Offel (B)
Sauna World Cup 2011:
Helmut Haller (ITA)
Sauna World Cup 2010:
Andreas Kofler (ITA)
Sauna World Cup 2009:
Hubert Luckner (A)